Local, Fresh, Reliable Supply 365 Days a Year.

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grown using less so you get more.


Farmed using 95% less water


52x more land efficient


Creates 80% less waste

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Local means less greenhouse gas


Non-GMO and Zero pesticides

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Reduced contamination risk


Contains 45% more nutrients


Grown locally 365 days a year

Product showcase

ALLWays Local is grown locally in a clean, controlled environment,
ensuring a safe, reliable, local supply chain, product, price, and quality.

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Living Lettuce

ALLWays Local living lettuce varieties come in a 24-count case.

Clean green

Clean Greens

Neighbourhood Romaine

Neighbourhood Romaine

Butter Lettuce

Butter Lettuce

Living Microgreens

ALLWays Local living microgreens varieties come in 50g, 12-count cases.

Chef's Blend

Earth Fire

Earth & Fire

FIre & Ice

Fire & Ice

Radish Trio

Radish Trio

Allways local is the brand consumers & chefs demand.

Meet our local farmers & growers.

Learn how we can save the world, one leafy green at a time.

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