Local, Fresh, Reliable Supply 365 Days a Year.

grown using less so you get more.


Farmed using 95% less water


52x more land efficient


Creates 80% less waste

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Local means less greenhouse gas


Non-GMO and Zero pesticides

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Reduced contamination risk


Contains 45% more nutrients


Grown locally 365 days a year

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Product Showcase

ALLWays Local is grown locally in a clean, controlled environment, ensuring a safe, reliable, local supply chain, product, price, and quality.

ALLWays Local lettuce products come in a 24-count pack. Mix and match varieties to create the product pack of 24 that’s right for you.

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Bulk Lettuce

New Feature

Our Living Burger Leaf lettuce is a Crispy Leaf Green Cristabel. It’s perfect for withstanding the heat of a burger and can be used for 8-9 burgers per one head of lettuce. It’s nutrient-rich, vibrant, and mild in flavour with a full round structure.

living microgreens

New Feature

Microgreens Live Veg Tray
Our Microgreens Live Veg Trays are packed with flavour to elevate any dish! These trays include Red Arrow, Mizuna, Rambo Radish, Arugula, and Broccoli microgreens. Harvest only the amount you need per dish to keep them fresh and minimize waste.

Allways local is the brand consumers & chefs demand.

Meet our local farmers & growers.

Learn how we can save the world, one leafy green at a time.

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