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Enabling local farmers to grow locally, 365 days a year

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Grown by local farmers ALL YEAR

Our Farmer Partners grow fresh local greens in spring, summer, fall, and winter! Follow us on social to find out how.

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Living Lettuce

You’ll help save the world and a ton of time with our One-Cut Living Lettuce. Cut off the roots, toss, and top!

Microgreen Magenta

Clean Greens

Foodies delight in this crisp, rich-texture, flavourful, vibrant, and colourful mix.

Microgreen Magenta

Neighbourhood ROMAINe

Romaine has the freshest crunch in the game. Grill it or drench it in caesar dressing and it will maintain it’s crisp, rich texture.

Microgreen Magenta

Butter Lettuce

Sweet and tender leaves make for a succulent toss or wrap. When it comes to butter lettuce, we think it’s the butteriest!



Add lively flavour, crunch, and vitamins to salads, sandwiches, smoothies and stirfrys. These babies really level up your morning eggs, too.

Microgreen Magenta

Fire & Ice

Mizuna, Daikon, Arugula

Microgreen Magenta

Radish Trio

Red Rambo, Daikon, Ruby Red Radish

Microgreen Magenta

Earth & Fire

Arugula, Broccoli, Ruby Red Radish, Red Rambo

Microgreen Magenta

Chef’s Blend

Mizuna, Daikon, Ruby Red Radish, Broccoli


Living Herbs

There’s fresh herbs and then there’s living herbs, mm’kay!

Microgreen Magenta

Neighbourhood Basil

You’ve never smelled basil like this. It’s one that hits all the senses.

Microgreen Magenta

Neighbourhood Herbs

You’re going to love this!

Keep it Fresh Living

Prolong peak freshness with these simple storage instructions

Microgreen Magenta

One-Cut Living Lettuce

Keep your living lettuce in the vegetable crisper or store it on the counter. Simply take it out of the bag and place it in a shallow dish, water it occasionally as needed.


Mixed Microgreens

Keep your cut microgreens in their package in the fridge, they like to stay cool. Simply use a pinch to brighten a dish or indulge with a handful in your favourite salad or smoothie!

Green Lettuce

One-Cut Living Herbs

Halt! Fresh herbs don’t like the fridge! They are happiest on the counter or an indirect-sun windowsill. Treat them like a small plant or bouquet of flowers, placing the fresh herbs in a glass of water.