Locally grown, 365 days a year!

On less land and using less energy & water than traditional farming.

Lively flavour, healthy, and rich in vitamins. Our microgreens really level up your meals.

Microgreens are an amazing way to bring nutrients and character to many different dishes. Microgreens contain up to 20 times more nutrients than mature plants making a handful in your sandwich, smoothie or salad a quick and easy way to infuse vitamins and minerals into your families meals.

The wide range of flavour profiles also add a punch to any dish as a garnish or a main ingredient. From crisp, to nutty to peppery, try all 4 varieties of ALLWays Local microgreens!

What are


Microgreens are young vegetable greens that fall somewhere between sprouts and baby leaf vegetables. They have an intense aromatic flavour and concentrated nutrient content and come in a variety of colours and textures

Benefits of


High in nutrients

While it is true leafy greens contain most of the nutrients required to maintain a healthy diet, imagine taking that same food quality and jam-packing into a smaller version. Enter, microgreens. All the important vitamins and minerals found in the larger versions of a vegetable are in the smaller microgreens, as well.


improved heart health

Heart disease has become one of the biggest issues in contemporary society. Reducing the amount of fast and processed food you eat is a great start to reducing your risk of heart disease, and microgreens can add more vitamins and nutrients you need.

reduce risk of cancer

Learn to love your microgreens — they can help reduce your risk of prostate cancer and cancers that affect the digestive tract. Powerful antioxidants prevent the buildup of harmful free radicals associated with cancer. Good, colorful and tasty salad with microgreens can help people with inflammation issues.

help fight obesity AND type 2 diabetes

Many medical professional will tell you obesity, and type 2 diabetes go hand in hand. Many microgreens help fight obesity and encourage weight loss and management. Microgreens also help keep blood sugar levels in check.


not limited to salads

If you are not a fan of eating salads, there are many ways to incorporate microgreens into your diet. Microgreens can be added to sauces and marinades. Sandwich-lovers can top meat and cheese with crunchy microgreens. It’s best to add your microgreens to the sandwich just before you eat it.

add nutrients to your breakfast smoothie

The smoothie has become a popular breakfast choice. Fruit and yogurt make them sweet, but adding some microgreens can take the nutrient value over the top. A dose of microgreens will help kick start your digestive system into motion.

grown by local farmers all year round



grown with less so you get more


Farmed using 95% less water


52x more land efficient


Creates 80% less waste

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Local means less greenhouse gas


Non-GMO and Zero pesticides

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Reduced contamination risk


Contains 45% more nutrients


Grown locally 365 days a year

Meet our local farmers & growers.

Learn how we can save the world, one leafy green at a time.