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How it’s grown and why it matters.

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Sustainably grown in a CubicFarm,
A Local Chain Solution for farmers.

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ALLWays Local is sustainably grown indoors by our Farmer Partners with a CubicFarm System. With CubicFarms’ automated indoor modular agriculture technologies, we empower farmers to localize food production at commercial scale while also protecting our people, resources, and economy.

Founded by farmers, for farmers.

The origin of the innovative CubicFarm growing technology dates back to 2008, when Jack Benne and his son Leo Benne, both farmers themselves, visited a farm in Puerto Rico that had been devastated by a hurricane. They saw how difficult it is to grow fresh produce outdoors in challenging conditions. That experience sparked an idea and by the time their return flight home touched down, they had the initial sketch of an indoor growing system that could grow fresh produce indoors, 365-days a year, anywhere in the world.

By 2050, more than half the world’s population will rely on food sourced outside their country.

We have an urgent problem we must solve.

We are running out of ways to produce enough food.

We’ve already overtaxed 100% of the worlds land and water accessible for agriculture and in just a few years we will have 3 billion more people to feed, requiring us to produce 56% more food than we do now.

Food security is a global crisis and it’s only being accelerated by climate change.

In North America, farmers are facing crippling unpredictability as they soldier through the biggest water shortage that modern society has ever seen — a catastrophic 20 year ‘Mega Drought’ that intensifies the threat to our food supply.

The current solution? ‘Big Agriculture’ monopolies and offshore markets that compete with farmers, mass producing food that is shipped destructive distances around the world.

This leaves us exposed to a dangerous problem: dependence on long food supply chains. Long-chain food dependence leaves us vulnerable to other countries, governments, politics, corporate interests, climate disaster interruptions, and pandemics…

And it’s taking agriculture from farmers.

Long-chain agriculture depends on toxic pesticides and chemical farming. Major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions that harm us and our environment.

Even with pesticides, 40-50% of long-chain food is wasted due to contamination and rot in transit. And the food that makes it has lost up to half its nutrient value.


The current solutions to the problems we face simply focus on growing more but it’s not enough to increase food and feed production. We must localize it, bring it indoors, and eliminate the risks farmers face with of climate unpredictability.

The world needs an agriculture revolution and we’re part of it.

We are shortening the distance between us and our food, nearly doubling nutrient value and effectively eliminating supply chain food waste.

We are giving commercial agriculture back to farmers with technology that reduces costs and precious resource consumption while creating #LocalChain economic benefits and eliminating food dependence.

We are creating a world where every community, every city, and every country, can independently and sustainably produce enough fresh food in any climate, 365 days a year.

The future of farming amplifies agriculture, anywhere.

The best innovation since vertical farming, the CubicFarm technologies and ALLWays Local brand are working with farmers to transform the agriculture system to enable onsite, commercial scale, Local Chain agriculture.

Together, we can contribute to a healthier planet, strong independent economies worldwide, and a zero hunger future.

Benefiting People with increased food safety and local accessibility.

Lower risk of food contamination

Because ALLWays Local produce is grown in a clean controlled environment, there is less handling, less risk of contamination, resulting in safer food for our families.

pesticides and GMOs

Growing ALLWays Local in a CubicFarm System eliminates the need for pesticides or genetic modification.

More nutritious
and delicious

ALLWays Local produce maintains 45% more nutrients because it is alive and spends less time in transit.

Increased food accessibility

Because our produce is grown locally, more communities get increased access to healthy, fresh produce and the economic benefit of growing their own food.

Reducing use of the Planet’s natural resources.

Grown on
less land

ALLWays Local is grown in modular CubicFarm Systems, which greatly reduces our land footprint and uses our growable land 52x more effectively than traditional field farming.

Using less energy

Our optimal growing systems have been designed to use less energy - through smart lighting design and data-driven automation.

Reducing waste
by 80%

With perfect heads of lettuce grown in a clean environment, we reduce waste of contaminated, wilted, or rotted produce by 80% compared to traditional field farming.

Using 95% less water

Our produce is grown using 95% less water compared to field farming methods, by collecting, filtering, and recycling unused water.

Supporting Local Farmers and Economies.

365 days
of growing each year

Being able to farm 365 days a year in any climate means farmers can grow more, consistently providing affordable, healthy produce for their local community.

Making farming
less labour-intensive

Crop MotionTM technology makes farming less manual, and more automated. Rather than the farmer going through fields of crops, crops come straight to the farmer for harvest.

Giving agriculture back to farmers

Our goal is to empower local farmers to have thriving farming businesses, through resources, supplies, education, and a professional network that sets them up for success and puts them in control.

A truly sustainable solution

We are all able to rely on predictable, secure, and consistent supply, for current and future generations.

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